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Cartography at the Newberry Library

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1. The Niles Township Area: Natural Vegetation

2. The Chicago Region:

Finley Map Detail, 1831

3. Northeast Cook County: From the Rees Map, 1851

4. Niles Township:

Rees Map Detail, 1851

5. Niles Township:

From the Flower Map, 1861

6. Northeast Cook County: From the Illinois Atlas, 1876

7. Northeast Cook County: Railway Map Detail, 1879

8. Northeast Cook County: From a Rand, McNally Map, 1882

9. Niles Township:

From Snyder’s Real

Estate Map, 1886

10. The Four Mile Limit,

c. 1893

11. An Early Highway Map: Detail from a Road Map, 1915

12. Niles Center:

Aerial Photograph,

c. 1925

13. Niles Center:

Subdivision, c. 1925

14. Niles Township:

From the Geological Quadrangles,


15. Skokie Aerial

Photograph, c. 1938

16. Skokie Aerial

Photograph, c. 1964


Skokie: the pattern of settlement in the 1830's


Skokie: the pattern of settlement

in 1984


The Chicago Neighborhood History Project is Sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities through the Skokie Public Library

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