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1914 through 1988


Previously known as NILES CENTRE or NILES CENTER, Illinois

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Heinrich (Henry) Harms, circa 1914

Heinrich (Henry) Harms was Founder of the Village of Niles Center in 1854.

Niles Center, Illinois Village Board, 1915

Board of Trustees shown (left to right): Christian Blameuser, Trustee; Robert Hoffman, Trustee; Albert Lies, Trustee; Samuel Meyer, Trustee; George H. Klehm, Mayor; John W. Brown Sr., Trustee; Richard Kruse, Trustee; Charles Langfield, Clerk.

Stielow and Rudolph Family, 1915

The Stielow Family and Friends shown (back row, left to right): Louise Stielow, Mae Stielow, Elsie Stielow, Erna Kellner is the second from left seated; Bess Freund is the second from right standing.

Mrs. Muno and Grandchildren, 1915

Mrs. Muno (Grandmother Maria Schabeck Muno) sitting with her grandchildren (left to right): Agnes, Helen, Leonard, Margaret.

Frederick Stielow Family Studio Portrait, before 1917

Frederick Stielow Family shown, (standing left to right): Louisa Stielow, Walter Stielow, Elsie Stielow, William Stielow, Arthur Stielow, Fred Stielow. (sitting left to right): Frederick Stielow, Sophie (nee Mayer) Stielow, Elizabeth Stielow, May Stielow.

Ollie Dotzhauer Studio Portrait, 1917

Ollie Dotzhauer entering the Army during World War I.

Two Women at Baumhardt Ice Cream Parlor, circa 1917

Two women in an automobile in front of Baumhardt Ice Cream Parlor which was located at 8023 Lincoln Avenue. All people are not identified.

Ruby Klehm and Pearl Klehm Double Wedding, circa 1917

Ruby Klehm marries Elmer Galitz and Pearl Klehm marries Armin Mayer. (bottom row, left to right): Harold Klehm, unidentified girl, Bride Pearl Klehm, Grace Klehm, Bride Ruby Klehm, Martha Mayer. (top row, left ro right): Lydia Mayer, Otto Mayer, Groom Armin Mayer, Myrtle Harms, Orian Galitz, Irene Klehm, Mable Ruesch, Raymond Klehm, Groom Elmer Galitz, Marie Mayer, Willard Galitz, Minnie Jarmuth, Eugene Mayer.

End of World War I Celebration, 1919

The end of World War I celebration on 8000 block of Lincoln Avenue facing southwest.

Young Boys with Wagon Group, circa 1920

The young boys shown left to right): Carl Peters, Harold Baumhardt, Sam Meyer, Vernon Galitz, Elmer Baumhardt. The boys are on the west side of Lincoln Avenue looking north from Galitz Street.

Girls Eating Ice Cream, 1920s

Four unidentified girls eating ice cream while sitting on a Niles Center Laundry truck. The Niles Center Recreation Rooms are located at 8146 Floral Avenue.

Dahm Brothers Truck Gardeners, 1921

The Dahm Brothers Truck Gardeners truck with a group of eighteen unidentified people on back.

Mayor John E. Brown Portrait, 1923

John E. Brown the sixth mayor from 1923-1933.

George Meyer's 8th Birthday, 1925

Birthday Party group shown (left to right): Al Lies, George Meyer, Jake Weber.

Busscher Family Portrait, circa 1930

Busscher Family shown (left to right): George Busscher III, George Busscher, Jr., George D. Busscher, George Busscher, Sr.

Mayor George E. Blameuser Portrait, 1933

George E. Blameuser was the seventh mayor from 1933-1944.

William J. Galitz, circa 1940

William J. Galitz was a co-founder and a director of the Niles Centre State Bank.

Mayor John W. Wuerth Portrait, 1945

John W. Wuerth was the eighth mayor from 1945-1947.

Mayor Arthur Simmons Portrait, 1947

Arthur Simmons was the ninth mayor from 1947-1949.

Mayor George D. Wilson Portrait, 1949

George D. Wilson was the tenth mayor from 1949-1957.

Willard C. Galitz Portrait, circa 1950

Willard C. Galitz was President of the First National Bank of Skokie which was founded in 1907.

Government Group, 1950s

Government Group outside Village Hall are shown (left to right): Art Lowcher, 1st Village Manager; Oliver Sandquist, Village Architect; Ray Krier; Pat Seul; Miles Babb; Fred Wakefield; Sylvester Reese; Jum Smith; Ambrose Reiter; Arthur Habb; Henry Weber, Supt. Public Works.

Mayor Allen Weissburg Portrait, 1957

Allen Weissburg was the eleventh mayor in 1957.

Mayor Ambrose Reiter Portrait, 1957

Ambrose Reiter was the twelfth mayor from 1957- 1961.

Armond D. King Portrait, 1957

Armond D. King was a local real estate agent.

Bernard "Ben" Marsh Photograph, circa 1960

Ben March was the Village Manager from 1959-1966

Mayor Myron Greisdorf Portrait, 1961

Myron Greisdorf was the thirteenth mayor from 1961-1966.

Mayor Albert J. Smith Portrait, 1965

Albert J. Smith was the fourteenth mayor 1965-1988.

Mayor Albert J. Smith Photograph, 1986

Mayor Albert J. Smith in his office.

Mayor Jacqueline Gorell Portrait, 1988

Jacqueline Gorell was the fifteenth mayor from 1988-1999.

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