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Families and People of Skokie, Illinois

Late 1800s through 1910


Previously known as NILES CENTRE or NILES CENTER, Illinois

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Margaret Harrer Meyer Tintype, 1800s

Peter Blameuser, circa 1855

Peter Blameuser, Jr. Family, circa 1875

The Peter Blameuser family shown (left to right): Peter Blameuser, Margaretta Blameuser, Edward Blameuser, Magdelena Blameuser, Peter Blameuser, Mary Blameuser, Christine Heinz, Benjamin Blameuser, Emil Blameuser.

Jacob Meyer Tintype, 1880s

Doetsch Family and Homestead, 1880s

The Doetsch family shown (left to right): Anton and Gertrude Doetsch, Philip and Katie Doetsch, Josephine Doetsch (child).  The residence was located at 9901 Gross Point Road. 

Mayor Adam Harrer Portrait, 1888

Adam Harrer was the first mayor from 1888-1890.

Mayor John W. Brown Portrait, 1890

John W. Brown was the second mayor from 1890-1895.

Dr. Louise Klehm Studio Portrait, circa 1890

Mayor Peter Blameuser Portrait, 1895

Peter Blameuser was the third mayor from 1895-1897.

Mayor George Sintzel Portrait, 1897

Dr. George Sintzel was the fourth mayor from 1897-1910.

George C. Klehm Family, 1898

The George C. Klehm family shown. Seated (left to right): Alma Klehm, George C. Klehm, Mrs. George C. Klehm holding Tom Klehm, Florence Klehm. The row of men behind the Klehms were possibly Sunday Singing visitors and the man on the bicycle is not identified.

John W. Brown and Daughter Evelyn Brown, circa 1900

John W. Brown and his daughter, Evelyn Brown, behind their home.

Alma Elizabeth Klehm Studio Portrait, circa 1900

Peter Dahm Family, circa 1900

The Peter Dahm family taken inside their greenhouse which was located on Gross Point Road north of Dempster Street. The family members are not identified.

Hans Ide Family, circa 1900

The Hans Ide family shown (left to right): John Ide, Alma Ide, Ella Ide, mother Ida (nee Langfeld) Ide, holding Charles Ide, Hans Ide, Mathilda Ide, Uncle Chris Ide holding reins to horse.  The residence was located on Kostner between Oakton Street and Howard Street.

Anton Doetsch Family Homestead, circa 1900

Anton Doetsch Family and friends gather at 9901 Gross Point Road. No family members or friends are identified.

Arista B. Williams Portrait, circa 1900

Arista R. Williams was an attorney-at-law and a co-founder of the Niles Centre State Bank.

Peter M. Hoffman Portrait, circa 1900

Peter M. Hoffman was a co-founder of the Niles Centre State Bank and was the Cook County Coroner.

George and Eliza Harms Klehm Children, early 1900s

George and Eliza Harms Klehm children shown (left to right): Lydia, George, Alma, Emma, Edwin, Louise.

Michael and Ernestine Hermes Family, early 1900s

The Michael and Ernestine Hermes family shown (left to right): Ernestine Hermes, Michael Hermes, with son, John Hermes on horse and  John Goedert holding horse.

George and Margaret Meyer and Friends, early 1900s

George Meyer wearing the hat near the front. Margaret Meyer is second from George's right. The friends are not identified.

Samuel Meyer Family, circa 1900

The Samuel Meyer Family shown (left to right): Herman Meyer, Julia Meyer, Samuel Meyer and Daughter, Julia Meyer.

Klehm Picnic Grove Group, 1900s

Tom Klehm is identified with the handwritten notation. All others are not identified.

Eisermann Family and Homestead, circa 1900

Mrs. Eisermann is shown in the black dress with Mr. Eisermann. The residence was located at Main Street and Gross Point Road.

Hacker Family Group, 1900s

The Hacker family outside a white frame house which was located on the northwest corner of Touhy Avenue and Niles Center Road. No family members have been identified.

Nickolas Dahm Family and Homestead, 1903

The Nickolas Dahm family shown (left to right) Mother with child is Margaret Dahm, Ray Dahm, Nicholas Dahm, George Dahm, Philip Dahm, and Mathilda Dahm, Carl Dahm, Nickolas Dahm. The residence was located on Gross Point Road and south of Dempster Street.

Alma Klehm and Louise Klehm, 1904

Behrendt Family, 1904

Henry Charles Behrendt Family is shown (front row, left to right): Sophia, Sophia, Marie (Mary), Henry Charles, Alvina, Minna (Minnie). (back row, left to right): Henry Charles, Jr, Bertha, Frederika (Freida), William, Charles, Caroline (Carrie), Louise (Loisa), Louis.

Nick Hermes Greenhouse, circa 1907

People shown left to right: Nick Hermes, Paul Hermes, John Goldert, unidentified. The greenhouse was located at 9801 Gross Point Road.

John and Catherine Hermes Residence, circa 1907

The John and Catherine Hermes residence was located at 9845 Gross Point Road. The people are not identified.

John and Barbara Kalmes at Homestead, circa 1909

John and Barbara Kalmes at their residence which is located at 9737 Gross Point Road.

John and Margaret Jennetten Family and Homestead, circa 1909

The John and Margaret Jennetten Family and Homestead. The Jennetten Homestead was located just north of Old Orchard Road between Skokie Boulevard and Gross Point Road.

Dr. Louise Klehm in a Horse Drawn Buggy, 1910s

Peter and Clara Blameuser Wedding Portrait, 1910

Peter and Clara (nee Noesen) Blameuser Wedding Portrait.  The man on the left is Benjamin Blameuser.

Mayor George H. Klehm Portrait, 1910

George H. Klehm was the fifth mayor from 1910-1923.

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