Skokie Historical Society

Fire Department Incidents of Skokie, Illinois

1881 through 1987


Previously known as NILES CENTRE or NILES CENTER, Illinois

SKOKIE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - 8031 Floral Avenue - Skokie, Illinois 60077

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Automobile Accident, 1950s

at McCormick Boulevard just south of Howard Street

Car Crash Scene, 1960s

North Shore Channel Incident, 1960s

Metropolitan Sanitary District Tunnel Incident, 1960s

Automobile and Skokie Swift Train Collision, 1960s

at Mulford Street

Mobile Intensive Care Unit Personnel, 1960s

Apartment Gas Explosion, 1970s

located at 8250-8258 Niles Center Road

Administering to Injured Man, 1970s

Fireman Ken Boho with Syringe

Automobile Accident, 1970s

at 3505 Dempster Street

Automobile Accident, 1980s

at Oakton Street and East Prairie Road

Automobile Accident, 1980s

on Edens Highway at the Touhy Avenue Exit

Automobile Accident, 1980s

Automobile Accident, 1980s

Automobile Accident, 1980s

Lt. Richard Suckow at Site

Truck Accident, 1986

on Edens Highway

Automobile Accident, 1987

at Oakton Street and Lincoln Avenue

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