Key to using the Master Index:


·         References to the Beaudette (EPB) and St. Peter (PET) books are in Mixed Case

·         References to the Luxembourg book (LUX) are in lower case

·         References to the Skokie book are in UPPER CASE

·         Initials at the end of each reference refer to the book in which each reference is found

·         The Luxembourg book contains six (6) appendices. They contain a listing of LBA officers and section members, and the identities of the consular officials who have represented the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Chicago.

·         The St. Peter book contains five (5) appendices. They identify contributors to a capital fund raising drive, a roster of parish priests and teaching nuns, a real property acquisition table and, most importantly, a chronology of the parish from 1843. The inside covers identify registered members of the parish at the time of the book’s publication. All of the foregoing appendices should be examined by the serious researcher.