About the Index


What is the Index?


The four published histories of the Skokie/Niles Center area that are the subject of this index naturally contain a wealth of unique, local information: names of persons, businesses, and organizations as well as references to the institutions, buildings, places and events that constitute this community’s history.  Researchers were initially limited in their access to these materials because three of the histories did not contain indexes.  This changed in 1998 when Richard J. Witry completed the print version of The Combined Master Index which gives the reader simultaneous access to the contents of all four sources. The Index is now being made available here to an even wider audience.


The Histories (listed by the abbreviations used in the Index)


(EPB)  Niles Township, by E. Palma Beaudette, ca. 1916 (NOTE: Indexed for Niles Center/Skokie content only)


(LUX)  Luxembourg Brotherhood of America , by Richard J. Witry, 1987


(SKO) "Skokie, A Centennial History", by Richard Whittingham, 1988


(PET)  St. Peter Catholic Church, 1868-69 to 1993-94, by David Buisseret, Richard J. Witry and Rosemary Schmitt, 1994