Compilers Note:

The following is not a complete bibliography of the resources relied upon to create the Second Edition of the Chronology. Specifically omitted are personal interviews, archival materials and most individual newspaper citations. Because of the convenience of having many citations simultaneously accessible, several separately cataloged, special editions of the local newspapers are included. All sources listed in the Second Edition, with the exception of some of the newspapers cites, and, unless otherwise noted, can be found at either the Skokie Historical Society or Skokie Public Library.

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1 The 1968 edition is in the SPL collection.

2 There exists a 1975 reprint published by Arno Press.

3 No longer in SPL collection.

4 See fn. 5 in the Chronology.

5 No longer in SPL collection.

6 This is a 6 volume set. The SPL owns only volume 2.

7 Bound transcript in the collection of the Chicago Public Library.

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