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    Publications of the Skokie Historical Society

Skokie, A Centennial History - 1888 through 1988
       Village of Skokie, Illinois
  Niles Township 1917
       By: E. Palma Beaudette
Chronology of Events
       History of Niles Center / Skokie, Illinois
  Skokie Fire Department Chronology
       By Lt. Ron Smith, Fire Department Historian
Combined Master Index
     Index to Four Histories of the  Skokie, Illinois Area
  History of Cook County, Illinois (pp. 474-475)
      By A. T. Andreas, dated 1839 - 1900
Before the White Man Came
By Bertha Rosche
  Setting Down the Record
By Bertha Rosche
Skokie: A Community History using Old Maps
By David Buisseret and Gerald Danzer
       assisted by Rosemary Schmitt and Joseph Beaver
  Niles Center/Skokie Boundaries
By Joseph Beaver
St. Peter Catholic Church 1868 - 1994
By David Buisseret, Rosemary Schmitt,
      Richard Witry
  St. Peter Evangelical Church 1868 - 1918
By Pastor J. J. Mayer
    Skokie Historical Society is located
    in the Skokie Heritage Museum at
    8031 Floral Avenue
    Skokie, Illinois 60077
    Phone: 847.674.1500 x3000
Skokie Historical Society

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     November through June: Closed the 1st and 3rd Sunday
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